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Weekly meal planning 8/19/2012

This weeks meals:

Sunday: Homemade chicken caesar salad (aka, garlic salad). We eat this at least once a week. It is a recipe from my side of the family. We load it with garlic, have some French bread dipping the bread into balsamic dressing and olive oil with wine while we make the salad. This meal takes a little bit to make, so it allows us to sit around and chat about the weekend (especially important if we did not spend it together, like this one). We normally eat dinner in front of the TV on Sunday nights as we like to relax and catch up on some shows we missed during the week.

Monday: Penne a la Betsy. This was an online find. I have not yet tried it and will report back on if we liked it or not. http://tastykitchen.com/recipes/main-courses/penne-a-la-betsy/

Chipotle Bean Burgers.

Tuesday: Salmon on the BBQ with roasted sweet potatoes and asparagus. I do bootcamp on Tuesday nights, so I try to plan something easy, since Bob will have it all cooked and ready for when I get home. I love that man! And there is nothing better than fish after a hard workout!

Penne a la Betsy.  It was amazing! We added some hot spices to it to give it a little kick!

Wednesday: Jalapeno popper chicken with asparagus and rice. This is a pinterest find. Whenever I find something on Pinterest, I always go to the person’s website to check out the recipe before I decide if I am actually going to make it or not. I will report back on if we like it!

Thursday: Tuscan Garlic Chicken. Also a Pinterest find (Can you tell I am in desperate need of something new to cook?). We might have garlic bread with this, it depends if I want to go buy some or not. http://www.melskitchencafe.com/2011/03/tuscan-garlic-chicken.html

Breakfast for dinner!

Friday: takeout!

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